August 28, 2012

In the beginning . . .

Well it begins today...sorta. The campaign for President and Vice President of the United States begins today, with the beginning of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  
Now, the RNC really began yesterday, but with the threat of Tropical Storm Issac, they "delayed" the beginning of the speeches. 

Oh, but tonight the lineup is pretty thick. From South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Former GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum and tonight's headliners Ann Romney and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The leaked topics are wide ranging from Sen. Santorum speaking on Welfare & work to Gov. Haley speaking on "women's issues".  Ann Romney, the wife of the candidate is going to attempt to make Romney more "real". She has a difficult job but she'll give it one heck of a try.  Gov. Christie will make the first of many cases that Romney has the tools to fix America's problems.

The GOP started at a -10 because over the past week, there's been a vigorous debate about "legitimate rape," "dog whistles", birther-ism and the like.  The GOPs hidden ideas about when (if ever) a woman should be allowed to have an abortion and whether or not there are different types of rape caused a firestorm. The problem with the firestorm is that some in the GOP wanted to speak about what type of storm it was and not if they believed it existed. Most in the GOP hierarchy stated that MO Rep. Todd Akin's comments were reprehensible BUT few if any stated that they disagreed with his underlying premise: no abortion exception for rape.  

The problem that the GOP would like to cherry pick which parts of the government they want to be big and which parts they want small.  During the health care debate the theme was "we don't want government to make decisions on our health care" but in the same breath they state "women do not have the right to access abortion."  So if abortion is not a health care decision, then I'm not quite sure what it is. I can tell you what to do with your reproductive system, but I can't about your insurance. 

Doesn't make that much sense to me but... ok. SO let's talk... are you just now getting into the election? If so, what do you think?

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  1. Megan McCain stated yesterday that the gop does not have a war on women. If they don't at least have some type of "issue" with womens reproductive rights then I dont know what it is. The country is currently divided. We not only need a President to bring us together we need a congress that will work with the President as well.


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